Devoting our best service as possible!
Product Information
We are warmly ready for your inquiry!
Product design, features, specifications, pictures, market feedbacks…, as much detailed as you need.

Visiting Support
We are more than happy to have your visiting!
The factory is always open for you. Please let us know your flight info. And we will arrange for picking up, booking hotel, etc. Simply bring yourselves and we will take care of the rest.

ODM Support
We have strong R&D capacity!
With 16 year of overseas humidifier market exploiting and knowledge, 13 years design and innovation on humidifier, and we are confident to make ourselves a professional ODM manufacturer. You will find that all our products are of very nice design with satisfactory function and performance.

Packing Design
We’d love to help!
Shall you be new about the product, please don’t worry about the packing design. We’ll offer our suggestions, designs for your reference. Or you could give us your idea and let us make packing design for you. It will include export carton, gift box, RL, barcode, etc.

Marketing Support
We are professional!
We’ll advise the unique selling points of each model to help promotion. Product promotional pictures, advertising, videos are available.

Quality Assurance
We are dedicated!
100% test for critical parts; 100% 2500-3750V high voltage test; 100% test for function; 100% 15-30 minutes life test; 100% electrical rating test.

Inspection Support
We are being helpful!
Don’t worry if your inspector is coming alone, we have enough personnel there ready for assistance! Professional QAs will be standby and offer help.

After Sales
We always stand by your side!
Shall you come across with any questions, problems, please feel free to let us know. We are willing to help, and it will be our pity without hearing from you about any dissatisfaction. All feedbacks help us growing!

Customer Visiting
We Travel a lot for you!
Every year we have market visiting tour, we have overseas show, customer visiting to absorb and dig market requirements. So as to keep in touch with you and the market and make better product to fit the market needs.

Innovation for You
We encourage new needs and new ideas!
We believe that you do market research every year like us, and we believe that you are more professional in your market than us. Shall you come up with any new needs or ideas on the product, and want it to come true for your market, please come to us. Let’s joint hands and make innovation for a higher level!
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