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Air Purifier

Air Purifier is a state-of-the-art air purifier and humidifier designed to provide the perfect balance of clean air and optimal humidity. Ideal for homes and offices, the Air Purifier ensures a healthier, more comfortable environment by removing airborne pollutants and maintaining the ideal humidity level. Tailored for wholesale distribution, the Air Complex is also available with OEM and ODM services for complete customization.

Key Features

 Advanced HEPA Filtration System
The heart of Air Purifier is its advanced 4-stage HEPA filtration system. This includes:

Pre-Filter: Captures larger particles like dust and pet hair.

True HEPA Filter: Traps ultrafine particles down to 0.3 microns.

Activated Carbon Filter: Absorbs odors, smoke, and VOCs.

UV-C Light: Eliminates airborne bacteria and viruses.

 Smart Sensor Technology
Equipped with smart sensors that monitor air quality in real-time, the Air Purifier automatically adjusts purification levels. The color-coded LED indicator provides instant feedback on air quality:
Green: Excellent
Yellow: Moderate
Red: Poor

 Whisper-Quiet Operation
Ideal for bedrooms and offices, the Air Purifier operates at a whisper-quiet 24 dB on its lowest setting, ensuring it doesn't disturb daily activities or sleep.

 Energy Efficient
With an Energy Star certification, the Air Purifier is designed to operate efficiently, saving on energy costs and appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.
 User-Friendly Design

Touch Control Panel: Intuitive and easy-to-use controls for seamless operation.
Auto Mode: Automatically adjusts settings based on air quality.
Sleep Mode: Reduces noise and dims lights for a peaceful night's sleep.
Timer Function: Set it to run for 2, 4, or 8 hours for flexible operation.

OEM/ODM Services

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)
Leverage our expertise to produce air purifiers under your brand. With our OEM service, you get:
Custom Branding: Your logo and brand colors on the SP202.
Packaging Design: Custom packaging tailored to your brand identity.
Product Adjustments: Modify certain features to better suit your target market
For those looking to create a unique product from scratch, our ODM service includes:
Custom Product Design: Work with our R&D team to develop a new air purifier design.
Prototyping and Testing: Comprehensive prototyping and testing to ensure product quality.
Manufacturing and Assembly: Full-scale production capabilities to bring your custom design to market.

Air Purifier Collection

Why Partner with Us?
Choosing SP201 Air Purifier for your wholesale business means offering a premium product that stands out in the market. With advanced technology, user-friendly features, and strong brand support, the PureAir 360 is an excellent addition to your product lineup. Our OEM/ODM services further enhance your ability to cater to your customers' unique preferences and demands.
Ready to partner with us or need more information? Contact our wholesale team today to learn more about pricing, volume discounts, and how we can support your business.

Premium Humidifier Manufacturer丨Smillon

When it comes to top-quality humidifier technology, we understand that it can often be hard to know where to start. After all, premium solutions can be hard to come by, but you deserve the best to keep your home cool and comfortable.

As such, our experts here at Smillon set out to make a difference, providing professional, reliable, and innovative services for every home. With almost two decades of expertise in the industry, we are among the most experienced teams in the air care industry. What’s more, we have always worked with a strong focus on quality services and support, and this goal allows our partner brands to deliver amazing solutions every time.

Professional & Caring Service


Every brand has unique requirements, and we aspire to cater to these through our professional services. We put immense care into every service to ensure our partners get the best possible solutions to sell to their own customers; what’s more, we strive to deliver amazing services that meet and exceed the most stringent quality standards. All the while, our caring after-sales service is the perfect way to keep your products working at their best. Why compromise?

Timely service is something our experts are determined to provide. With this in mind, we deliver fast responses for every brand; all the while, our team will do its utmost to ensure you get the ideal support you need within just eight hours or less.


Professional Team
Smillon Caring Service List
Effective & Fast Customer Response

Social Responsibility Priority Culture


Our brand partners’ satisfaction is one of our driving inspirations here at Smillon. With this thought in mind, we work tirelessly to deliver a wide range of top-quality products that will help improve your customers’ lives. All the while, we also work to look after our employees and their families at every opportunity.

After all, we recognize that our employees are the driving force behind our business! From regular meetups and events to our unique monthly profit-sharing scheme with our employees and more, we are immensely proud to support our employees in leading a happy lifestyle overall. Team building is at the heart of our services, and we aspire to ensure everyone – whether a customer or a member of our growing team – has amazing solutions that help them feel their best in any scenario.

Our social approval approach further supports this, ensuring that all of our products deliver the best support possible while genuinely benefiting your customers’ lives. It’s a little change, but we believe it makes a world of difference.

Customer Satisfaction
Employee Happiness
Social Approval

Meet Our Team


Here at Smillon, we have a wide team all striving for the same goal: to deliver premium products for brands like yours. Our staff are distributed across numerous teams; from top management to our amazing R&D experts, our marketers, and our operation team, every staff member contributes towards our overarching dream. Some of our main team members include:


-Jelly Wang
-Nina Zhang
-Ivy Feng
-Aliee Chan
-Kourtney Chan
-Sally Luo


With the support of our team, we can achieve our vision of becoming the most excellent air care specialist in the world. Join us on our journey and discover a more comfortable way to live and relax, instead.

 Name: Jelly Wang
 Mobile: 0086-18666080068
 Name: Nina Zhang
 Email: sml01@smillon.com
 Mobile: 0086-13660428002
 Name: Ivy Feng
 Email: sml03@smillon.com
 Mobile: 0086-13018541225
 Name: Aliee Chan
 Email: sml05@smillon.com
 Mobile: 0086-13112790322
 Name: Kourtney Chan
 Email: sml06@smillon.com
 Mobile: 0086-13630060461
 Name: Sally Luo
 Mobile: 0086-13794071878
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