Company Introduction
 Name: Jelly Wang
 Mobile: 0086-18666080068
 Name: Nina Zhang
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 Mobile: 0086-13660428002
 Name: Katherine Feng
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 Name: Keen Hwang
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Quality Inspection
Qualified Supplier and Component Selection

All raw materials and parts are strictly supplied by qualified suppliers.


Incoming Quality Check


Especially the critical component, we check each pcs one by one 100%.


First Article Inspection


To make sure all details of products are precisely correct and meet client's all requirements.


Input Process Quality Control


All machines will be checked one by one for 3 times, Technical date check – 15-30 mins life test online - Final function test.


Finished Quality Check


5% of the finished goods are selected at random every hour for complete quality check.



Outgoing Quality Check


After the order is finished, we do a final quality check for the whole batch or accept the 3rd party's inspection.


Product Show
Feel free to request a quote and we will respond within 24 hours
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Smillon team has been committed to developing and providing stylish, premium products related to air treatment accessible to everyone all over the world.



Factory Address:

Building No.24, Haitian Road No. 88, Hecheng Street, Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China


Office Address:

Room 1301, Building No.27, Lihe Science Park No.99, Taoyuan East Road, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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