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Air Washers: Are They any Good?

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For anyone heavy on the kind of air they breathe in, air washer is a term you're more than likely to come across. If you're wondering what this device does or whether it is the right decision for your home or otherwise, this article will get you started.

In this guide, we will range through the ABCs of air washers, if they are any good for you, and a concise guide to help you choose the right one.

Can you use an air washer in your home?

Of course, you can use an air washer at home. What it does essentially is to purify or clean the air in your room. It does this by eliminating even the tiniest dirt particles and pollutants from the air, leaving you with a fresh and clean one.

The air washer market is pretty saturated, and as such, picking the right one for your need can be somewhat difficult. But before exploring that, let's cover why you should consider getting one.


Why buy an air washer for your home?

An air washer is a hybrid device, that combines the best features of a humidifier and an air purifier. In essence, it helps you get rid of air pollutants while increasing the humidity of your room according to its current demand.

It works by sucking the contaminated and dry air into it, passing the air over its disc pack, and converting it into water. This water typically contains not only purified and conducive air but also one that is enriched and green from certain potentially inimical gases. Once it does this, it then emits the pure air back to the room.

If you use an air washer in a dry environment, it can be a vital piece to creating a healthy indoor climate. With this, you can minimize the tendency of throat irritations, and alleviate concerns relating to your respiratory pathways, sinuses, nasal cavities, and allergies.

All in all, you can breathe more seamlessly and enjoy sound sleep without the hassle. But that's not all. This hybrid device can help you get rid of some offensive smell from your atmosphere. In essence, as far as your indoor climate is concerned, an air washer is all you need to guarantee your vitality and overall well-being.

How to make the right choice

To pick the right air washer, you should factor a few considerations in. These include the kind of climate attributable to your region, the presence or absence of personal allergic reactions, and the area you're intending to humidify.

If you're looking to use your air washer in very dry and hot weather, be sure that your choice has a build setting tailored for higher humidity. If you have certain allergic conditions, you'd want an appliance with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA). However, to get the best out of your choice, it is important to nurture a sustainable maintenance culture.

To help you streamline your decision, the Smillon air washer is one option you should be thrilled to explore. 

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