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Are You Placing Your Humidifier Rightly?

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When it comes to health and overall comfort, humidifiers are undoubtedly a vital piece. However, unless you’ve been using the unit for a minute, getting started can feel somewhat confusing, especially in the light of where you can and cannot place your humidifier. And to get the highest possible efficiency from your machine, the right placement is one consideration upon should never leave out.

However, identifying the right spot for your unit doesn't always come easy. So, in this guide, we will cover different areas of your home and recommend the right ways to place your humidifier.

How to place a humidifier in your bedroom

Whether you are using a relatively sizable 2-in-1 purified humidifier or a portable one, the key to replacing your humidifier is knowing where the humidity is higher and where it is lower. A hygrometer can help you identify this. Then, you can place it according to this insight. Besides, if you’re using large humidifier units, you'd typically want to ensure it is a few feet away from your bed for optimum humidity.

The right placement spot for your humidifier is also a factor of the type of humidifier you own. Warm mist humidifiers can be a great option for colds and allergies. But you have to be careful with their placement as they can cause burn hazards if you keep them too close. Hence, always maintain a reasonable distance between them and every living thing in your home. As you probably know, warm mist units work by boiling water with heating elements, so always ensure your place them on a stable platform before leaving.

Conversely, if you’re using the cool mist option, they can be a bit nearer. However, when you’re sleeping, be sure to keep them a few feet away from you.

Also, be sure to keep a reasonable gap between the unit and your wall while using it to ensure optimal circulation.


The right placement for your living room

Placing a humidifying unit in your living room lets everyone reap the terrific benefits embedded therein. Since everyone is typically awake in the living room, you don't really have to worry about the placement. Nonetheless, you should always target a few spots.

Again, you need a hygrometer here to help you know where the humidity is needed or otherwise. Once you’ve identified the strategic areas that need humidification, you can then factor the size in. You don't want to use a very large humidifier unit for a very small living space. You might find yourself left with excessive mist which serves as the perfect breeding spot for mildew and mold. If you’re using the 2 in 1 purified humidifier, you don't have to worry about this as the humidistat and its auto functionality can tailor the output according to current demands. Also, remember to always place the unit far away from vents and radiators.

It is also not advisable to have your humidifier on a stand. Placing it on a floor is the most recommended option. However, be she there is a protective surface between the floor and the surface of your machine.

Final thought

If you’ve followed this guide to this point, you should now understand how to place your humidifier rightly. So, you can start enjoying the optimum humidification without any hassle.

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