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Can I Put Essential Oils in my Humidifier?

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There’s something hard not to love about essential oils because they come in such a massive range of types and aromas or simply for the numerous potential health benefits they can provide. However, if you’ve been feeling a little unsure about choosing between these excellent products, don’t worry; our experts are here today to give you some great tips and ideas on how to put essential oils in your humidifier (and whether this is even a good idea!)

Can you put essential oils in your humidifier? Well, it depends! Essential oils are actually incredibly versatile, but whether you can use them safely often comes down to the nature of your humidifier.

Is It Safe to Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier?

First, we need to clarify whether it’s safe to put essential oils in your humidifier. Fortunately, yes, it is – provided you have a humidifier that’s designed for this purpose, of course!

So long as your humidifier device is designed to be able to handle essential oils, you should be fine to use them as instructed. This can allow the essential oils to diffuse into your room, humidifying the air and releasing delightful scents.

However, it’s well worth keeping in mind here that adding essential oils directly into a humidifier’s water tank or reservoir may not be a good idea, especially if you haven’t checked first. If your choice of humidifier isn’t able to handle essential oils, adding them to the water can damage the humidifier and reduce its effectiveness over time. This is largely due to the oils’ highly concentrated nature, which in turn can leave behind residue.

Why Do People Put Essential Oils in a Humidifier?

People may be tempted to put essential oils into their humidifier devices for a wide range of reasons, but the most common is simply to relax. However, there can be other potential reasons as well, such as helping with respiratory health and the like. In the end, though, this will largely come down to personal preference and depend on the type of essential oil you’ve chosen.

What Essential Oils Should I Use?

If you have purchased a humidifier that’s capable of using essential oils (or otherwise bought a diffuser to run alongside your humidifier), you’ll need to choose the type of essential oil you use carefully. This is since every type of essential oil is different; as such, they can often have varying properties and potential benefits.

For example, lavender oil is often used for relaxation and sleep, while eucalyptus oil is known for its respiratory benefits. It’s also vital to choose an essential oil that’s going to be safe for you to use.  

Before using any essential oils, we strongly recommend getting professional support to help advise your decision. An aromatherapist may be able to help with this.


Final Thoughts

In many cases, it can seem a little difficult to work out how to make sure that your humidifier is working to its top performance levels. However, this shouldn’t have to be something that leaves you unsure about what to do and where to turn – and as such, if you have any further questions about using your humidifier device, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly teams at Jelly.Wang@smillon.com for more support. We’re here to help!

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