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Can You Use a Humidifier for Aromatherapy?

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When it comes to bedroom luxury, aromatherapy is the new buzzword that keeps finding its way to the mouths of all and sundry. Many claims that aroma humidifiers can help you with everything from breathing seamlessly to getting a sound night's sleep. In fact, exploring a brand like Smillon, you’ll find these appliances available in different fancy colors and sleek shapes, all to complement the aesthetics of your room.

But the question is – does the aroma humidifier actually work for aromatherapy? Do essential oils have a place in your regular humidifier in a bid to save more costs and time? Before that, let’s see what counts as aromatherapy.


Basics of aromatherapy and the right humidifier for this.

This is essentially a holistic treatment that involves mixing essential oils with water. The mixture is then heated and the vapor generated from it serves a number of medicinal purposes when inhaled. Most essential oils are products of rose, eucalyptus, lavender, and several other natural materials. You can use them singly or combine them for various aromas. Each material features a distinctive healing property, tailored to different conditions. And best of all, you have well over 100 of them to choose from.

The right humidifier for this intent is one that can release the right amount of moisture into your room whole infusing it with these essential oils and they are called aroma humidifiers.

They are hybrids combining the benefits of a diffuser and a humidifier. So, it makes the perfect fit for anyone who doesn't like the idea of buying two different appliances.

Remember, getting an aroma humidifier is not enough. You should also strive to get the right fit for your space. In fact, these humidifiers are quite difficult to find.

If perhaps, you’re looking to get one for yourself, smillon has something for you!

Now, the obvious answer to the question of whether or not a humidifier works for aromatherapy, is a Yes, as long as you’re opting in for an aroma humidifier. Also, before opting in for any product, always check its specification and verify if it allows you to use essential oils before making the purchase.

But let’s assume, you make the purchase without confirming, can you use essential oil in your normal humidifier?

Well, the answer is a NO. Your regular humidifier unit is not tailor-made for essential oils. As such, it will neither break them down optimally nor make them okay to inhale.

Using essential oil with your humidifier can typically result in erosion, ultimately causing it to leak and damaging its electrics. Besides, you will notice the essential oils sitting on the surface of your water since there's nothing to help break them down. Again, if your humidifier is a multifunctional one, like the Smillon aroma humidifier, then you can always add your essential oils to the tank as specified by the manufacturer. With features such as intuitive auto mode, almost noiseless design, and adjustable humidity levels you can rest assured you’re treading the right path to healthy living.

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