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Can You Use the Humidifier and AC Together?

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While your air conditioner can be a great tool to keep your space cool all summer, it can also contribute to the air dryness attributable to this season. But if you throw a humidifying unit into the mix, you can rectify the dryness accordingly. However, understanding how and when to use both together is key to getting the maximum efficiency off them.

What does an air conditioner do?

The most obvious function is that an air conditioner cools your space. However, did you know that it also draws away moisture from your air as it cools it?

This machine typically dawns in warm air into its HVAC unit. Then, it transmits this into its evaporator coil. In this place, there is a refrigerator that essentially removes heat from the air. But in the process, moisture follows. And as such, what comes back to your atmosphere via the vents in the dryer and cooler air.

While this can be great in very humid environments, the same can not be said about people living in dry climates. The AC further removes moisture from their air, leaving them with an overtly dry home. Ultimately, you may start feeling uncomfortable, sick, and seeing some adverse effects on different materials around you. Getting your humidify level right can only be achieved in this case with a humidifier.

What does an air humidifier do?

This device essentially helps you increase your atmospheric humidity. It is available in various forms. But one uniform thing about all of them is they use a water reservoir, which serves as the source of moisture for the humidifier. It takes up moisture from this source and improves your humidity. There are also some hybrid humidifiers that double as an air purifiers, such as the Smillon HEPA humidifier.

The most common operational designs include ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers, each featuring a different modus operandi. When it comes to humidifiers, you also have a flexible choice, either picking something portable for your small space or a relatively sizable unit for larger spaces.


What is the right humidity level for your home?

Before deciding whether you want to use both devices together, you should first understand the right humidity for your home. Generally, experts recommend that the humidity at home should range between 35 to 55%. You can easily measure this value with a hygrometer. Do not guess, know this value before attempting to use both units together.

Using your AC and humidifier together

You can always use both devices together provided that you need their functions together. In some cases, you might not even need a humidifier during summer. Its use is more prevalent during winter when you are left with naturally dry air. This is to say you should only consider using the humidifier when your humidity level is below normal.

Also, be sure that you’re not running your humidifier nonstop as ut can put a strain on your AC. You might have both devices competing, which is potentially inimical to their life spans. So, using an automated humidifier such as the HEPA humidifier is the right way to go. You don't want both units placing unnecessary stress on one another.

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