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Harmful Ways of Using Humidifiers

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Although the humidifier is not complicated, incorrect use may affect the humidification effect and cause serious harm to humans. Therefore, when using a humidifier, pay attention to avoid the following five misunderstandings.

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Use Tap Water

The water quality directly affects the quality of humidity. On the one hand, minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water form scale and block the humidifier pipeline. On the other hand, fine water particles enter the air and pollute the environment.

Correct method:

It is recommended to use pure water.

Fill up Water Tank

Filling the water tank at one time seems to avoid the trouble of repeated water addition, but it buried hidden dangers. According to the humidifier's daily use time and water consumption, a full tank of water generally takes 2-3 days to be used up. The water in the tank will get worse over time. If it is not used continuously, the water may also breed microorganisms. They will enter the user's respiratory tract with the moisture generated by the humidifier, affecting the user's health.

Correct method:

①Do not fill up the water tank at one time.

②Add an appropriate amount according to the usual usage amount.

③Keep the current use and add it immediately to avoid the water being retained for a long time, resulting in poor water quality.

Use a Humidifier Along with an Air Purifier

In winter, the haze weather is frequent. Many people are used to turning on the air purifier and humidifier together. You may think it affects air quality because the PM2.5 value displayed by the air purifier has not dropped. This perception is incorrect. The air purifier's value does not drop because the fine water particles produced by the humidifier will interfere with the detection accuracy of the air purifier PM2.5, but this moisture itself is harmless.

Correct method:

①Keep abreast of local air quality (PM2.5).

②If the air quality is poor. It is recommended to run the air purifier for some time before turning on the humidifier to reduce the air index to below 75. In this way, the particulate matter in the air can be greatly reduced, and the humidity generated by the humidifier can be prevented from entraining the particulate matter in the air and infringing on our respiratory tract.

③If the air index continues to be high and the air purifier needs to purify the air all the time, it is recommended to separate the opened humidifier from the air purifier far enough away to avoid the humidity generated by the humidifier from interfering with the air purifier value display.

The Higher the Humidity, the Better

Generally, when the humidity is between 40% and 60%, the human body feels the most comfortable, and it is also the least conducive to the growth of bacteria. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to breed fungi and mites. People are more likely to suffer from arthritis; if the humidity is too low, it is easy to breed bacteria and viruses, causing respiratory diseases.

Correct method:

adjust the humidity according to the instructions.

Turn On the Humidifiers all the Time

Although a humidifier can improve humidity and relieve dryness, it is not good to keep the humidifier. Suppose the humidifier runs for a long time and is too high. In that case, it will stimulate the increase of pineal hormone in humans, the decrease of thyroxine and adrenaline, and the metabolism of cells in the body will be reduced. Lower, people will become listless.

Correct method:

It is recommended to close the humidifier for some time after running for 2-3 hours and open the window for ventilation.

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