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How Dangerous Are Humidifier Molds?

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If you keep your humidity levels too high, chances are you’ll start noticing mold growth. At high humidity, this typically takes only one or two days. Humidifiers are known to be the perfect breeding spot for molds. The different factors, including the overall environment, temperature, and humidity offer just the optimum environment for mold to germinate. And anytime you put on your humidifier, you will only be propagating these microorganisms, facilitating their spread across your room. Remember that mold is very much airborne, which makes the spread even more aided.

From this, it becomes easier to inhale mold. If perhaps this is your reality and you’re wondering how dangerous the mold you’ve inhaled is, follow this guide to understand the magnitude of the issue you’re potentially facing.

How dangerous can inhaling humidifier mold be?

It goes without saying that inhaling these microorganisms can leave a number of detrimental impacts on your health, especially your ling and liver. Exposure to mold means you’re potentially exposing yourself to chemicals called mycotoxins and aflatoxins These chemicals can not only cause allergies and liver cancer but also can be responsible for defects in your immunity and nervous coordination.

When your immunity takes a fall, this gives the perfect breeding spot for other health concerns to find their way in. You’ll start noticing more frequent breakdowns, and sicknesses, which may eventually lead to death if care is not taken.

This is how dangerous mold inhalation can be.

How can you prevent this?

The only way to prevent humidifier molds is to ensure a good, suitable, and practical maintenance culture. Spores are the reproductive unit of molds. So, it is important to address this from the scratch.

Especially if you're an aromatherapy enthusiast, using an ultrasonic aroma humidifier, you won't want to intentionally breathe in molds with these therapeutic and sweet-smelling essential oils. To ensure this, you’ll find this guide helpful.

Firstly, what most manufacturers recommend that you do is mix water and lemon. Using this mixture and a clean piece of cloth, you can then wipe off emerging sores and matured patches and ensure no readers are left. If you’re following this recommendation, be sure to leave the unit to dry properly before putting it into use again.

If you want something outside homemade remedies, hydrogen peroxide solution and chlorine bleach are great alternatives. For hydrogen peroxide, all you need to do is scrub the mold-infested surface and subsequently clean with a standard solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you’re using bleach, dilute with water and use to wipe the surface with a dry clean cloth.

After applying these, bring the unit outside, put it on, and let it operate for about half an hour. This ensures thorough circulation of the user products, even to places where you can not reach normally.



Especially for an ultrasonic aroma humidifier, which features no heating element, the importance of an excellent maintenance culture cannot be overemphasized. It is the only way you can be sure you're using your appliance without harming yourself unintentionally.

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