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Humidifier FAQ

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Who is not recommended to use a humidifier?

Generally speaking, people who suffer from arthritis and diabetes are advised to use humidifiers with caution. Often humid air will aggravate the condition. If you really need to use a humidifier to reduce the occurrence of some respiratory complications, you should first communicate with a specialist to determine the appropriate humidity to stabilize the condition of the primary disease. In addition, people with chronic lung diseases (such as bronchitis, asthma, COPD, etc.) should use humidifiers with caution too.

What humidity level is the best?

The humidity should be adjusted at any time according to the weather conditions and indoor and outdoor temperature. Many people only adjust the humidity when they first buy an air humidifier, and seldom adjust it after use, which will greatly reduce the effect of the humidifier. Generally, 45% to 65% will be suitable.

Can I use tap water?

No. Tap water contains a variety of minerals, which will cause damage to the humidifier and affect its service life. At the same time, the residual chlorine and microorganisms in the tap water may be blown into the air with the water mist. In addition, the water mist from the humidifier may contain calcium and magnesium ions, which may produce white powder and pollute the indoor air.

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Does the humidifier need to be cleaned regularly?

Yes. If the humidifier itself is unhygienic, germs will float in the air with water vapor, which will also cause harm to human health. The water in the humidifier should be changed every day, and it is best to clean the humidifier once a week. When cleaning, use a soft brush to gently scrub, and wipe the sink and sensor with a soft cloth.

Does using a humidifier require long-term ventilation?

The answer is yes, don't use it in a closed environment for a long time. Moreover, try to use a humidifier equipped with a hygrometer. If the humidifier does not have this function, it is best to purchase a hygrometer separately to monitor and adjust the indoor humidity.

Is there any requirement for humidifier placement?

The location of the humidifier is very particular. In order to prevent static electricity from drying electrical appliances, many people like to place the humidifier near the TV cabinet or computer. In fact, excessive humidity not only makes the TV cabinet damp and mildewy, but also affects the insulation performance of computers and TVs, causing high-voltage ignition. Some people place the humidifier under the air outlet of the air conditioner or next to the heater in order to allow moisture to circulate effectively and increase the humidity in the room. As a result, the components in the air conditioner are affected by moisture. Therefore, it is best not to place the humidifier near other household appliances. The humidifier is best placed on a special table with a height of about 1 meter. The moisture emitted by the humidifier at this height is easy to circulate and can be better utilized.

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