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Humidifier vs Air Puirifier

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Humidifiers and air purifiers can greatly influence the air around you. However, both appliances differ significantly in terms of the purpose they serve. For anyone seeking to alleviate tendencies of allergic responses, respiratory concerns, or medical conditions attributed to dry air, understanding what makes both appliances different is the right start to achieving that. This also holds true for anyone looking to create just the right environment for newborns, neonates, and infants. By understanding the difference, you’ll also know how to use both appliances without the hassle.

What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is essentially an appliance manufactured to cleanse your air. It does this by rendering potential pollutants in the air inactive.

In essence, an air purifier is made up of two primary components – a filter and a fan. The type of technology adopted by the filter may vary, of course. Some purifiers feature the conventional HEPQ filter, while others have the innovative PECO filtration technology.

Most purifiers work by allowing air into the unit, trapping the pollutants and eliminating them using a filter, then dispensing the filtered air into the environment. From this process, you’ll notice that an air purifier does not, in any way, increase the moisture content of your air.

What is a humidifier?

On the flip side, a humidifier will not clean your air. All it does is increase the moisture content of the air with water droplets. It works using either ultrasonic technology or basic evaporation via a wick and a fan. It is important to note that the humidifiers working on the basis of ultrasonic technique tend to add minerals to the air if you use tap water for them. So, be sure to use just distilled water for your humidifier and nurture a consistent maintenance culture.

modest ultrasonic humidifier

What are the key differences?

As you’ve probably deduced, both appliances serve greatly different purposes. Your air purifier is there to eliminate air pollutants and clean your air. Conversely, a humidifier is only there to increase the moisture content of your air.

How do they impact your health?

Your air purifier is typically manufactured to minimize air allergens, including pollen, and dust mites, among others. So, they can help you manage these attacks to a great extent.

On the other hand, a humidifier will not affect the level of allergens. It treats these attacks in quite a different way. In essence, symptoms of asthma are more severe and recurrent for irritated dry airways. So, a humidifier helps you reduce the risk of allergies by helping you clear up your airways.

If you’re perhaps suffering from cold or flu as well, a humidifier can protect you from the causative viruses. According to recent research, an optimum humidity of 40 to 60 percent can render viruses inactive. On the other hand, viruses are so tiny and they will always find their way around purifier filters. So, there's only a little the appliance can do to protect you against flu.

If you’re suffering from conditions related to dry air, a humidifier is also the obvious choice to alleviate them.

Remember, since both appliances serve quite different functions, you can always use them together to get the best of both worlds.

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