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Humidifier vs Diffuser

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When your humidity takes a nosedive, you can always expect things like breathing difficulty, nosebleeds, and other respiratory conditions to creep in. To address this, a humidifier, diffuser are some of the options that fit your bill best.

However, if you’re someone who hates having multiple appliances serving similar purposes, this article can help you decide which is best for you between a humidifier and a diffuser.

But before that...

What does a humidifier do?

Put simply, a humidifier increases your atmospheric humidity. It does this by introducing more moisture or water vapor into the atmosphere. Ideally, experts recommend that you set your humidity to around 40 to 60%. Doing this introduces several health and wellness upsides into your lifestyle, including seamless breath, reduced congestion, minimal asthma attacks, optimizes baby's Restoration, reduces irritants, etc.

What does a diffuser do?

In essence, a diffuser is pretty similar to a humidifier. They both aim to increase moisture, however in different ways. A diffuser works by dispersing essential oils into the atmosphere as mist. These essential oil blend with water droplets and are then introduced into the atmosphere to not only optimize the moisture but also give the surrounding the pleasant smell of the oil. Hence, it serves as a great way to introduce a delightful smell into your home. You may as well go with the essential oils of your choice, which makes the appliance relatively flexible and tailorable.

Weighing the options

While both appliances seem quite similar, their use and applications differ. For instance, the use of a diffuser tilts heavily towards introducing essential oils into the atmosphere and the benefits embedded therein. It is less tailored to maximize atmospheric humidity. Conversely, a humidifier is made to maximize the moisture and humidity levels of a room.

Still, both appliances can be pretty similar in terms of how they work. Every type of diffuser excluding the nebulizing diffuser and all types of humidifier work by increasing air moisture content via water droplets. This is to say if you’re buying any type of diffuser except the aforementioned, you can basically use them for humidity.

However, the tank size for a diffuser is relatively smaller. For this reason, it is only tailored to a small space. So, if you want to enjoy the benefit of optimum humidity regardless of the location or space, a humidifier fits your bill more perfectly.

In contrast to this, your humidifier will fan out essential oils into the air. If you try this, you might even damage your appliance. But some hybrid humidifiers can do both. So, you may want to consider getting one to enjoy the best of both worlds.

How much will a diffuser raise humidity?

From a practical test using a diffuser and humidifier of a similar price range and capabilities, the impact of a diffuser on humidity is relatively small. Essentially, running the test for 30 minutes, the diffuser was only able to bring the humidity up by just 1%, compared to the 6% obtainable from the humidifier.


If you’re heavy on increasing humidity, a humidifier is what you should consider. But if you lean more towards getting the fragrance that accompanies essential oils, opt in for a diffuser. Lastly, to enjoy the best for both worlds, a hybrid humidifier is the one for you. Check our hybrid humidifier now!

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