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Is Running a Humidifier Every Night Advisable?

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Using a humidifier at night can be a great game changer for your sleep. With it, you can improve your sleep pattern and, maintain healthy health even when you sleep. Especially during winter and summer, getting your humidity level optimized at around 40 to 60 % holds more benefits than you can imagine.

While some of these benefits are very apparent, others can be less ę. Examples of the more apparent ones include instant relief from nasal congestion, reduced frequency of dry skin, lesser sinus concerns, and absence of cracked lips.

As we know it, anytime dry air passes through your nasal pathway, it dries the passage out. With this the cilia on the passage are dried as well, making it difficult for them to filter allergens, dust, pathogenic organisms, and other germs. So, the less obvious benefit is in its ability to protect us against these infections without our knowledge.

Should you run a humidifier every night?

Now, you know what a humidifier can do to help your night rest. However, remember they say too much of everything is bad.  Fortunately, this is not applicable in this case. Too much of good air is barely enough. So, it is okay to use your humidifier every night, especially during winter and summer.

Why winter and summer?

Winter is a season where you get to spend more time indoors in heated homes. Remember, this weather aid the transmission of most viruses during this period. Including flu and influenza viruses. As such, if you increase your atmospheric humidity by running it, you can shield yourself from such seasonal viruses even when sleeping.

Again, summer is a season where the air is typically deprived of moisture. This makes it dry, ultimately creating the perfect breeding ground for a number of health concerns. This includes but is not limited to inflamed respiratory passages dried-out sinuses, etc. Sleeping with a humidifier at night every day during summer also gives you a reliable defensive framework to assist pollen and mold, while relieving you of symptoms birthed by dry air.

You will sleep better!

Besides the health-related upsides, a humidifier can make your sleep better. If you're opting in for the Smillon Hybrid humidifier, you can enjoy a white noise effect. Essentially, this is a soothing and faint sound coming from the humidifier. Research has shown that this has a calming effect and can optimize your sleep.


Can a humidifier help with snoring?

If you leap sleeping with a dried pallet and airway passages, you’ll notice your snoring worsening over time. The tissues on the airways are dry and as such, can increase the sound. However, if you keep your humidifier on every day before going to sleep, the tissues will receive enough moisture and reduce the annoying loud snoring over time.

Again, these benefits are only guaranteed if you’re getting the right humidifier for your space. Our hybrid humidifier brings you the benefits of a cool and warm mist humidifier right in a space. It has an intuitive display, auto mode, and several other features that will definitely keep you coming for more of Smillon.

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