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"Rumors" About Humidifiers

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Humidifiers have become more and more popular in daily life. Humidifiers can be used not only in dry winter but also in air-conditioned rooms in hot summer.

But there will also be some terrible "rumors" that follow. Today, let's talk about those terrible rumors.

Can humidifiers really cause "pneumonia"?

Many people are puzzled. Humidifiers originally increase the humidity of the air to make the dry face and throat more comfortable. How could it cause pneumonia? In fact, the disease called "humidifier pneumonia" by doctors is very similar to the common "air conditioning disease" in summer. It is caused by harmful microorganisms entering the human respiratory tract through the air and causing inflammation. "Humidifier pneumonia" not only refers to pneumonia but also includes a series of diseases of the respiratory system, such as upper respiratory tract infection and bronchitis. Common symptoms include nasal congestion, cough, expectoration, and fever.

Causes of "humidifier pneumonia" may be:

①If the humidification time is too long, the humidity in the room will increase, and the reproduction ability of microorganisms will increase;

② If the humidifier is not cleaned carefully, it is easy to absorb and breed bacteria;

③ Poor water quality will form water mist after passing through the humidifier, and bacteria, fungi, and chemical substances in the water will be inhaled into the respiratory tract.

The above problems can be avoided by using the humidifier correctly.

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What happens if the environment is too wet or too dry?

In winter, people usually close their doors and windows, and the most suitable air humidity in winter is 40%-60%. If it is too dry, it will cause dry throat and mouth, and if it is too humid, it will cause pneumonia and other diseases. Using a humidifier for a long time will cause the indoor air humidity to be too high, which will promote the body to secrete a large amount of pineal hormone, which will relatively reduce the concentration of thyroxine and adrenaline in the body, causing everyone to feel listless and sleepy. It is recommended that when using a humidifier, it is best to change the indoor air every two or three hours to prevent the indoor air from being too humid or try to choose a humidifier with automatic humidity adjustment when purchasing a humidifier.

Are humidifiers suitable for the elderly, children, and pregnant women?

Suppose the ordinary humidifiers on the market do not purify the water well. In that case, various microorganisms and bacteria attached to the water tank will float into the indoor air with the water mist or scatter on objects and furniture. Once the temperature and humidity are suitable, they will grow and multiply rapidly. For the elderly, children, pregnant women, and other groups with weak resistance, it is easy to inhale pathogenic bacteria and get sick, but is it not possible to use it? Of course not. We should usually pay attention while using humidifiers, such as cleaning the humidifier regularly, replacing the filter element regularly, choosing a humidifier with a filter element for deep water purification, choosing a pure humidifier, and using pure water if possible to prevent infection of pathogenic bacteria.

Is it necessary to use a humidifier for rhinitis?

Yes, people with rhinitis can use a humidifier. Appropriate humidity can atomize and moisturize the nasal mucosa.

In general, it is necessary to have a humidifier at home. Proper use of humidifiers can effectively avoid the occurrence of respiratory diseases (such as humidifier pneumonia) and, to a certain extent, relieve the discomfort of the mouth, and nasopharynges, such as asthma and rhinitis. People with elderly, children, and people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases should pay more attention during use. If respiratory diseases may be related to humidifiers, they should go to the hospital's respiratory department in time to find out the cause.

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