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Should I Use a Humidifier?-Pros and Cons of Humidifier

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It’s no secret that cool air can be pretty uncomfortable. To mention a few, dry skin, moisture-deprived nasal passages, and less moisturized air are some headaches accompanying this.

However, to rid yourself of these potential issues, a humidifier embodies almost everything you need. You may view it as overly simple. But bet same can not be said about its magical hydrating capability. It can make your breathing process more seamless and in sync with normalcy.

Especially during winter, this is definitely a wellness hack you don't want to miss out on. So, if you’re still skeptical about whether or not to use a humidifier, keep reading as we weigh the upsides and downsides, so you can make a better-informed decision.

How does a humidifier work?

Essentially, a humidifier increases your atmospheric humidity by introducing more steam or valve vapor into it. With this, it maximizes your air quality and moisture content. Note that this is not tailored to purify your air, but only to humidify it.

It is important to note that the use of this life-saving appliance is not only confined to a home setting. Relatively recent research by Stephanie Tailor submitted that dry air contributes to a sizable percentage of infections recorded in hospitals. And with a humidifier, quite a number of these were addressed without the hassle.

Examining the pros

Anti-cold and anti-allergy

Flu and other viruses are less likely to thrive in areas with optimal humidity. So, with a humidifier, you can easily control your atmospheric humidity and make it more unsuitable for cold and allergy-inducing elements to thrive.

Seamless breath

During winter, where the air is so dry, you are more likely to develop thick mucous. With this, you’ll hardly filter anything that gets into your nose. With a humidifier, combined with periodic sprays of saline spray, you can get your breath going without stress.

Steamlines skin care efforts

Skincare enthusiasts opine that hydrated skin equals refreshed skin. Hydration gives you this uniform texture and rejuvenating feeling without worrying about breakouts. And there's almost a no better way to achieve this than a humidifier. Regardless of the season, it serves as a great way to boost your immunity and skin health seamlessly. This is even more important for anyone with babies. It offers a great way to boost their immunity and keep them glowing.

Great for several other conditions.

A humidifier can as well truncate the spread of air-borne disease, making their travel difficult. Not to mention its superior upside when it comes to mitigating issues related to chapped lips, nose bleeds, and vocal cord irritation, among others.

Humidifier for Winter

What are the downsides?

A humidifier is a component that demands a great deal of maintenance. So, if the maintenance culture is lacking, bacterial and other harmful elements may creep in. And you know what that means – they start getting emitted into the air you breathe. Ultimately, this may induce severe allergic conditions or respiratory pathophysiologies.

So, the key to enjoying your humidifier is nurturing a practical and sustainable maintenance culture. Change filters when due, clean the cleanable components, and allow keep it in its best form.

Should you get a humidifier?

The short answer is a YES. From the price viewpoint, it is relatively cheaper than what you'd have to spend on any of these aforementioned conditions. All in all, you'd want to always have it in the best form to ensure you do not find yourself at the downsides. Also, be sure to keep it at the optimum 40-50% to avoid potential downsides.

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Smillon team has been committed to developing and providing stylish, premium products related to air treatment accessible to everyone all over the world.



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