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Should You Buy an Ultrasonic or a Evaporative Humidifier?

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It goes without saying that humidifiers have been a vital piece in the battle against dry skin, congestion, dry lips, and several other cases of flu and cold symptoms. Besides, it becomes clearer daily that this appliance is no longer a luxury but a necessity for every home.

Ultrasonic and the regular evaporative humidifier are names you'll typically find on the mouths of many today. Each humidifier has different requirements in terms of water quality, mode of operations, and other content demands.

So, if you're looking to throw your funds into any, this is a guide to optimize your decision. In this article, we will explore the regular and ultrasonic humidifiers, what they entail, demand, and do, so you can streamline your purchase.

The evaporative humidifier

The regular humidifier uses a filtration system and a fan. As the name implies, it works by evaporating the water. It hastens the evaporation with a fan and turns up the humidity level accordingly. The fan blows the air through a moist filter with high-quality water, which ensures you're breathing in purified air. If you're using the hot evaporative humidifier, the system heats the water and sterilizes it at a high temperature.

The ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound to introduce fine mist into the atmosphere. An ultrasonic humidifier features a sonic vibration plate. This element helps it shake the water tank into tiny droplets. The fogs you notice on the ultrasonic humidifier is essentially water droplet, caused by the vibration or high frequency, which the fan later blows out. Needless to say, this ultimately increases your overall humidity without the hassle.

Now, let's factor the aesthetics in

Ultrasonic humidifiers have always been the superior choice for any aesthetics-loving buyer. Most regular evaporative humidifiers tend to be bulky, considering the number of elements they have to hold – filter, fan, and others. However, you'd typically find an ultrasonic humidifier in more compact sizes, which cements its aesthetic appeal. In essence, if you want something sleek and compact for your home, chances are you'd easily find an ultrasonic humidifier.

Maintenance cost

If you're using an evaporative humidifier, you have to consider filter maintenance as well. In fact, it is advisable that you completely change the filter after every 2 months. This, of course, is a cost you won't have to incur if you're settling for an ultrasonic humidifier. But then, you'd want to ensure you're using only distilled water with your ultrasonic humidifier since it has no filter.

Hence, if you use something like hard water, you might end up inhaling more dust due to its considerable mineral content.

How about the noise?

Since ultrasonic humidifiers adopt high-frequency sound waves, your ears won't detect them. So, for anyone looking for an ultra-quiet humidifier option, this is your best bet. The Evaporative humidifier uses a fan, so you should expect some noise.

The best ultrasonic humidifier for you

The Smillon Hepa ultrasonic humidifier sits comfortably in this position. With its warm mist capability, coupled with an intuitive led display, UV sterilization, and other compelling features, this one product fits your bill just rightly. You can as well adjust the humidity levels while enjoying the seamless auto functionality that automatically shuts off the appliance when right.


What are you waiting for? Hit that button and set yourself on the right path to a healthy life.

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