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Tips on Maintaining Your Humidifier

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Having a humidifier could be of great benefits as it povides wetness to dry air within. A humidifier is an electrical device whose basic function is to increase the humidity moisture of a room. When the air is dry, it is advisable to turn on a humidifier to avoid irritation caused by the dryness of the air in the room. Aside adding more wetness to dry air around a room, a humidifier is also effective in treating dry skin conditions.

Having understood the significant role humidifier devices play, it is essential that we understand how to properly maintain this devices to avoid damage of vital parts or malfunction.

In this article, I will be discussing briefly on necessary tips to maintaining a humidifier. The safety measures are:

Ensure to wash, clean and dry the humidifing device regularly after use

Majority of humidifiers consist of reservoirs that contains water. It's has other parts such as fan, wick, filter and a turning disks. After every use, it is necessary to empty the reservoir of water and clean the different parts of the humidifier with a disinfectant. Ensure that the humidifier is totally disconnected from all power sources before commencing cleaning.

Carefully read the instruction manual before usage

Before installing in a humidifier, it's essential to read through carefully the instructions provided by the manufacturer to give you an adequate understanding on the proper way of handling the humidifier and recommended cleaning apparatus.

Use the recommended cleaning apparatus

It is important to pay attention to the type of material you use in cleaning the humidifier. Using of atmost 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency for the cleaning of equipments. Other than that, seek the manufacturer"s instruction on the choice of apparatus for cleaning.

Always replace filter parts

Over time of usage, it's essential that you replace some parts of the humidifier, such as the filter. This are for filters that can not be easily cleaned and reused. This filters contain dirt particles and should be replaced once dirty.

Keep the environment surrounding the humidifier dry

Electrical appliances reacts negatively with moist environments when plugged in. It is important to always keep the humidifier away from any wet surface while in use as this might cause electrical shock or damage to vital parts of the device.

Use distilled water only

The recommended water sample for filling your humidifier is a distilled water. This kind of water are significantly low in minerals and other component particles that could leave reminds particles inside the humidifier. Mostly, we consider all bottled water to be distilled water but this is not true as not all bottle water are minerals free and tiny particles free, so therefore, one has to carefully examine the bottled water description written on its label to accertain the correct sample is used in filling the humidifier.

Clean before and after storage

Never leave your humidifier dirty. Ensure to thoroughly clean and perfectly dry the device before taking it into the storage containers. Properly dispose off used filter parts and other substituted parts of the humidifier. Clean the device again and dry it properly when taking it out from the storage containers.


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