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Warm Mist? Cool Mist? Let’s Weigh Your Options 

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Warm mist and cool mist ultrasonic humidifiers can help you optimize the moisture content of your atmosphere in different ways. As such, each approach has its fair share of upsides and downsides. So, depending on your preference or what you want for your immediate environment, this article will explore how both technologies work, ultimately suggesting how to get the best of both worlds.

Basics of warm mist humidifiers

A typical warm mist humidifier has a heating element. As such, it works by boiling water into steam. It then dispels this into the atmosphere to increase the moisture content or humidity. In the process, it can also slightly introduce more warmth into your room.

A warm mist humidifier is the most suitable option if you’re looking to bring germs and bacteria to the barest minimum. Besides that. It performs superiority when it comes to atmospheric moisture saturation. Not to mention its efficiency when used with a number of medicated products to relieve your cough.  

While most warm mist humidifiers work with a fan, you’ll still find a number of them that don't use an internal fan. The latter products tend to be almost noiseless. The only dealbreaker is the outrageous energy requirement demanded by some of these products. Besides, it is not advisable to use where kids are.

Basics of cool mist humidifiers

This is deemed the safest option to use where you have kids and babies. Generally, using a cool mist humidifier, you won't have to worry about burn hazards since a heating element is absent. Instead, it works by evaporation, using a fan to cause what could be called a chilling effect in your space. As such, it makes to perfect fit for places that are already hot during summer, where you can't use a warm mist humidifier. They tend to be noisier compared to warm mist. But using a brand like Smillon, you’ll barely be able to differentiate between both noise levels. All in all, the key to getting the best out of these humidifiers is nurturing a sustainable and practical maintenance culture.

So, which is better?

Best believe this question has no straightforward answer. When it comes to increasing the moisture content of your air, they are equally functional. In fact, they can both help you alleviate concerns relating to sinus issues and respiratory discomforts. However, both are best tailored for different seasons and different use, so it can be pretty difficult to pinpoint one as the superior choice.

But do you know what’s even better?

The device that offers you the best benefit of both options. At Smillon, you can get a one-stop humidifier that combines a warm mist and cool mist humidifier allowing you to use the different settings and as well, keep using your appliance regardless of the season. Not to mention that this device can double as a diffuser, allowing you to use your essential oils and perform your aromatherapy without the hassle. There is also an automatic mode. So, all you have to do is use its touch control to put it on and watch it run optimally. A tank capacity of 5 liters is also enough for extended use.


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