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What Essential Oils Can You Use with a Humidifier? 

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Essential oils hold immense benefit across different areas of your home, starting from yourself to your immediate environment. They serve as a great tool to unwind after the hustles and bustles that accompany almost every day. Besides, they can be a vital piece in your recovery from various forms of illnesses, even as you sleep.

The most common method of using these oils is via a diffuser. However, more recently, we’ve been seeing innovative humidifying units, which makes can perhaps make you wonder whether or not can you use these essential oils with your humidifier.

Will a humidifier work with essential oils.

The initial answer to this is a yes. But then, it banks heavily on a number of factors, including the type of humidifier in question and several others. For instance, the Smillon ultrasonic aroma humidifier is one of the few that permit this use. Besides this, here are a few other considerations before using your humidifier as a tool to disperse essential oils.

Remember that some oil that contains citrus tends to react with plastic and break it down. However, with a humidifier designed to cater to dispelling water and essential oils, you’ll likely not have to worry about anything. It has what it takes to break down these essential oils, and ultimately, nebulize them into small particles that you can easily inhale and absorb.

One reason it is not advisable to use a humidifier to diffuse essential oil is that most humidifiers tend to run continuously. This simply means that they don't allow you to set a timer to give them enough time to absorb oils. However, the right humidifier for essential oils will feature a timer that automatically shots it down following a specific period. This gives it enough time to break down the oils while preventing it from oversaturating the atmosphere.

Lastly, humidifiers that use a warm mist operational design will not work for essential oils. Generally, these models work by heating and if you heat the oil excessively, you can potentially take a toll on its therapeutic features. Hence, opting in for the Smillon Ultrasonic aroma humidifier can rid you of this concern. It is a hybrid humidifier blending the benefits of a warm and cold mist humidifier as well as a diffuser in one place. So, you don't have to worry about anything.


What essential oils work with a humidifier?

Once you’ve picked the right hybrid humidifier for your intent, it’s time to choose your essential tools. You can always use any essential oil suitable for a diffuser in your aroma humidifier. These include eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree, and peppermint oils. We know eucalyptus for its great anti-inflammatory and mental alertness benefits while lavender is what comes to mind when it comes to calming effects and stress relief. Similarly, you can never go wrong with peppermint oil considering its great mind-stimulating tendency. And there we have the tea tree oil that can help you raise a standard against flu and symptoms related to colds and other viruses.

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