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What is the Best Humidifier for Your Small Room?

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Every room deserves a humidifier, regardless of the size or features. Using a small room humidifier is your best bet, especially when your budget is not enough to install a central humidifier. With this option, you can still get the best-moistened air, consequently leaving you free from a number of respiratory health concerns. Mayo clinic recommends humidified air as a proactive measure against bloody noses, sinus lack of moisture, cracked lips, and everything dry air can cause.

Having highlighted what you'd typically get from a humidifier, here is how you can decide which small humidifier is the best fit for it.

Let's start with the operating design

When it comes to operational design, it is quite difficult to point out one mechanical method as the best for a small humidifier. Each method features its fair share of strengths and roadblocks, so the best one is the one that fits your current demand.

The most common operational designs are the ultrasonic and evaporative forms. The evaporative design has a motor-powered fan that helps it blow moisturized air through its filter. Subsequently, it sends moisture out of the room in the form of mist. The other type is the ultrasonic design, which helps produce cool mists by ultrasonic or high-frequency vibration. The process is almost noiseless.

Advisably, the ultrasonic sometimes be the superior choice for a small humidifier, considering its almost noiseless functionality and other benefits that accompany its ceramic transducer.

Once you’ve made a choice on this, you should then decide whether you want to warm mist or cool mist humidifier design. Cool mists have gradually become the preferred choice for many. This largely results from the zero tendency for burn hazards typically attributable to warm mists. It also boasts superior energy efficiency and larger space coverage than what warm mist is capable.

Consider the control precision When choosing a small humidifier, another consideration is its control feature. For ease of use, you'd typically want something with intuitive controls all laid down seamlessly on an easy-to-use interface. Besides, be sure you’re picking a humidifier with a humidistat to help you tailor moisture levels according to current demands. With this, you can ensure more precision in your use.


Factor the runtime in

The best small humidifier for you is one that can run for a considerable period between feelings. So, your consideration should begin with your tank capacity. For a small humidifier, a tank size of 0.5L should suffice. This volume should typically last you over an extended period considering the settings you choose.

Can it function as a diffuser?

Most humidifier users today now look beyond using a humidifier to just increase atmospheric moisture content. It is fast becoming a vital piece of aromatherapy. If you're looking to use your humidifier for this purpose, be sure to consider this in your decision-making.

The best small room humidifier

Looking for a small humidifier that combined the best of these considerations, the Smillon small humidifier is your best bet. It is a hybrid humidifier that doubles as a diffuser, allowing you to use your essential oils without the hassle. Its 0.5L tank is also all you need for small room functionality. It has an in-built humidistat boasting terrific reliability and accuracy. Its auto setting also allows you to enjoy regulated humidity without worrying about over or under-humidifying your room.

It’s all you need in a small humidifier, and you should definitely be taking the first step now!

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