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Why Use a Humidifier and Air Purifier Together?

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You’ve either used a humidifier or an air purifier. But have you used them together before? Chances are this will get a no. Little wonder several customers ask if you can use both appliances together. So, in this article, we will walk you through why and when you might want to consider using both units and how to make the combination work more easily.

Is it advisable to use a humidifier and a purifier together?

Well, the straight answer is a yes. The functionality of one doesn't, in any way, affect the other, so using them is great. In fact, you can only expect more benefits by giving that a try. The filters featured in air purifiers are typically tailored to function in various levels of humidity, ultimately ensuring that very high atmospheric moisture content will not leave any damage on it. Similarly, these filters won't filter out moisture content in the air. Hence, their operation won't be detrimental to the operation of your humidifier and won't dry your air out.

The right time to use both units together

While you might not always need both units to run simultaneously, there are times when running them together can be beneficial. A good instance is during winter. This is a season where you’ll typically find cold and dry air, to begin with. In fact, you’ll notice your furnace sucking out the limited moisture when heating the room. Considering this, you'd typically need a humidifier to introduce moisture to increase the humidity of the room. Similarly, you'd need a purifier to minimize the pollution that accompanies winter air.

Furthermore, if you’re in a season where allergy is all the rage, both units can be handy when used simultaneously. Using an air purifier, you can easily eliminate pollen from the atmosphere. On the other side, the humidifier can work by alleviating the symptoms relating to nasal irritation resulting from dry air. Considering this instance, both units can come in handy, working together to help you address different uses simultaneously.

The use of both appliances is even more necessary in places where covid 19 is still governing with cold heart sympathy. The air purifier can help you trap tiny particles, even viruses. This is especially valid if you're using HEPA filters. Similarly, research and other computing models show that humidifiers can be a vital piece in subsiding the transmission of covid 19.

From all that’s been said,  you have a number of reasons to use both together. But the stress of buying two devices and powering them separately can be quite a headache. Instead of going through this stress, why not get a hybrid device that combines the best of both worlds? With an air washer, you can use both functionalities in a place without the hassle.


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