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Will a Mini Air Humidifier Damage Your PC Components?

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While humidifiers can be very beneficial to your health, using them where they are not needed can cause more damage than you can imagine. In essence, if you use a humidifier where it doesn't belong, they are some drawbacks you should always expect. If you’re wondering if around your PC is one of those places, you can be sure to get your answer but the end of this guide.

Before delving into the discourse, however, it is important to understand how to estimate your humidity levels. A hygrometer is a tool you can use for this intent. It is relatively inexpensive and you can always use it to track whether or not is the humidity level exceeds normalcy.

Besides, if you're using Smillon mini air humidifier, you might not have to worry about that since the unit has an in-built humidistat that helps you monitor the humidity levels and tailor its output accordingly.


Will the humidifier damage your computer?

Well, if you fail to regulate the moisture output and the unit creates excessive moisture, you should expect damages to your PC component. According to a test carried out on different computers under different climatic conditions, such as humidity and temperatures, humidity is deemed the second most popular environmental factor responsible for damages to manufactured products. When the humidity is excessive, it can result in condensation. Condensation, as we know it, can be detrimental to metallic products, causing them to corrode. When your humidity also fluctuates between too high and too low more often, you may be left with contraction and expansion concerns. In worse cases, you’ll find your PC component attracting dust which can even further damages its sensitive areas.

So, the answer to the question is a mini air humidifier will not damage your computer if only you keep it running at the advisable range.

Now, what is that advisable humidity level?

Experts recommend that you keep your relative humidity between 30 to 50%. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this. Your type of computer and other components are key to making the ultimate decision. All in all, you should maintain a level that is reasonable enough for the best operational buffer. Sometimes, it can be a bit lower than people recommend.  

Will low humidity damage your computer?

Well, if you keep your relative humidity significantly below 30%, you will notice a considerable surge in static electricity. These static discharges will not only fry your PC components but also be harmful to you.

So, if you live in areas with considerably low humidity, a humidifier can be key to getting your computers functioning optimally regardless. However, when using, make sure you’re not placing the humidifier directly next to your computer. That can even be more dangerous.

Bottom line

Humidifiers can help you optimize your humidity range for maximum comfort and maximum efficiency. Even at that, you should never use them very close to your computer or at humidity levels higher than 55%. If it’s too high, you’re risking corrosion or damage to your unit. So, be sure to get the mini air humidifier that automatically regulates this for you or a hygrometer to monitor the levels.

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