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Will a Small Humidifier Work for Your Bedroom?

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Reiterating the benefits humidifiers potentially offer your home will be fairly run off the mill at this point. We all know how well it can tackle dry air and the health conditions that accompany it. In fact, the device has gone from being a luxury to becoming a must-have for every home.

Again, we understand how effective the sizable humidifiers can be for your room and home. But the question is will a small humidifier also work for your space.

Should you use a small humidifier for your bedroom?

Yes, you can use a small room humidifier for your bedroom, considering what you intend to achieve and the size of your bedroom. For instance, suppose you find yourself waking up with an irritated throat or dry nose, using a small humidifier with about a gallon tank size should suffice for your bedroom.

With this size, you can be sure of a decent amount of moisture emission. Besides, you'd only typically have to refill it one to two times daily depending on your use. Especially if you’re going for a cool mist operational design, you can easily optimize your temperature during summer and without the hassle. Considering the level of comfort you can get from a small room humidifier, it is undoubtedly a worthy addition to your bedroom.


Getting the best out of your small room humidifier

To ensure optimum output from your small room humidifier, you need to know and understand those strategic locations for its placement. So, before even thinking of setting the unit up, you should always use a hygrometer. This will give you a clearer insight into the amount of humidity present in your air, where it is lesser, and where it is higher.

Advisably, you should always place your humidifying unit in places with lesser humidity. While this is not so important, it still provides an easy path to finding the perfect spot for your unit.

The most important consideration when choosing a spot to place your small room humidifier is the room population and the unit's capacity. Once you’ve factored this in, it is also important to find locations that are not prone to water damage. Apart from water damage, you should also ensure you’re keeping your device away from electric sockets and furniture.

If you use radiators and vents in your bedroom, never place your humidifier unit near them. These are heat sources, and as such, placing your humidifier near them can lead to reading inaccuracies. Especially if your small room humidifier has an auto mode and a humidistat that monitors the humidity level, you may start noticing humidification inconsistency and inefficiency since the unit now works with what’s coming out of the vent. Since the vent’s air is typical of low humidity, you may notice your machine overcompensating and releasing more than normal mist into your atmosphere.


If you factor these considerations into your small room humidifier usage, you can be sure of optimum output without any hassle.  Want a small room humidifier for your space? Be sure to reach out to us and we'll be there to make your choice as tailored and efficient as possible.

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