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How Can you Use a Top-filling Humidifier?

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Embodying truckloads of compelling benefits, it's no doubt that every humidifier is a great addition to any space. Regardless of your choice, these devices can help you optimize your home humidity, keeping it within the normal range. They are also available in different designs tailored to complement your home aesthetics and preferences.

One type of humidifier tailored for not only ease of use but also luxurious and aesthetic feel is the top filling humidifier. If you’re wondering what this is, how it works, and how to make the best choice, this is a guide you shouldn’t miss.

How does a top-filling humidifier work?

The smillon top filling humidifier is ultrasonic. The top filling identifies simply implies that it works by pouring water into its top fill tank. Once the water passes through its filtration or demineralization cartridges, it sieves and eliminates every mineral from the water. Subsequently, the pure water enters the water tank or reservoir.

Since the humidifier is ultrasonic, subsequent processes follow what you'd typically find in an ultrasonic humidifier. It has a nebulizer that vibrates at a very high frequency. This frequency then breaks the water down into a fine mist. Then, the fan serves as a propellant which moves visible and cool mist up in its vertical chamber. Afterward, it releases this mist into the atmosphere.

Note: for most top-filling humidifier units, it is not advisable to use essential oils with them or use them as a diffuser of any form. This is because these oils can potentially cause damage to the unit and take a toll on whatever warranty you have. So, read the instructions and specifications related to your unit and see if it supports essential oils or just water.

If you want to enjoy the benefit of a diffuser and a top filling humidifier in a unit, the Smillon top filling humidifier is one you should definitely have on your radar.


How to choose the right top filling humidifier

Factor the room size in

Your room size is a key determinant of the right humidifier for you. While some top-filling humidifiers are built for large rooms, others will typically work best in medium and small rooms. To find the right option for your space, be sure to have a rough estimate of its square feet size. You also need to consider your room insulation and factor the height of your ceiling in your decision-making process. Once you’ve decided on these, you can reach out to us via the inquire button and we'll be there to help you choose rightly.

Don't forget your preferred moisture output

Moisture saturation and output are another key consideration before opting in for a top-filling humidifier. With a mist capacity of 200mL/h, you can be sure you’re getting just the right moisture output for most intents.

You need to consider your noise levels as well

Terrible noises can be annoying. So, you have to factor this in before making a choice. Our top-filling humidifier has a noise level of less than 35db(A). This is sure to guarantee an almost noiseless use and sound sleep.

Now that you know what a top-filling humidifier does, how it works, and how to make the right choice, it's time to put these to good use. And get started by reaching out to us.

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