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How Do You Properly Use a Humidifier?

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The devices used in adding more moisture to the air in an environment is called a humidifier. Humidifiers assist individuals suffering from congestion, dry skin and sinus issues and also assist in our daily life activities, as in static electricity. Humidifiers can only perfectly work when it is being correctly used in the home.

Below are tested steps on how to correctly use a humidifier:

1. Select the best type of humidifier most suitable for your home.

We have various kinds of humidifiers available in the market. It is important for one to identify the best kind that would perfectly work for his/her needs. Let's take a few humidifier examples.

a. Steam vaporizer

This kind of humidifier releases hot wetness into the air. The water available in its water tank is boiled up and released into the air mist. It's the least expensive and can cause harm like burns.

b. Central humidifier

It is best when interested in covering a whole building and not just a single room. It has the capacity to work more in an entire room.

c. Impeller humidifier

Most suitable for single rooms and rooms with kids. Impeller humidifier releases cold mist into the air very quickly because of its rotating disk.

d. Ultrasonic humidifier

This is a two-way humidifier. They have the capacity to release cold and warm mist into the air depending on the desired option selection. It's the most expensive and best suitable for a single room.


2. Read the manufacturer's instruction manual

Humidifiers appear in various shapes and sizes but each always has a "How to use" manual that contains recommended ways of installing and care. It is very vital to carefully read through the manufacturers manual on how to use before installing it.

3. Construct the humidifier if required

This can be done using the manufacturers manual booklet. It's fixing together all the humidifiers part before using.

4. Put water into the water tank of the humidifier

Clean out the reservoir with a mild disinfectant before proceeding to use the humidifier. Pour in distilled water only into the reservoir. Be careful not to put too much water into the reservoir.

5. Place your humidifier

Place your humidifier at aleast 12 inches from the wall. It's best to place it at an angle that is high with no other item kept below it. Do not keep the humidifier under a shelf, or close to a paper or curtain as it's wets close items around it. Before plugging in to an electrical socket, ensure the connecting cord is in perfect condition. Keep the humidifier away from the reach of children.

6. Modify the settings to the desired point

Using the manufacturers manual booklet, modify the settings of the humidifier from the default settings and set it to the desired temperature using the remote control. The humidity grade is mostly around 30-50%. When no longer in use, ensure to turn off and unplug the humidifier from the power source.

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