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Ultrasonic vs. Evaporative Humidifier

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Humidifiers may not seem like something that everyone needs at first glance, but if you do a little digging, it quickly becomes clear how much help they really are. Humidifiers main goal is to increase moisture levels in the room it has been placed, which in turn helps with many, seemingly small, things that together will make a big difference. It helps keep skin and lips moisturized even through the cold winter months. They also help with cold symptoms, such as congestion, helping you to breathe easier while you recover.

There are two main types of Humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers, that need to be filled consistently with boiled water, and cool humidifiers, that can be used with water from your fridge. They both have their upsides, and learning about all of them makes it easier for you to decide what’s best for you.

Then there is the difference between Ultrasonic and Evaporative humidifiers, which also helps break down what exactly you need.


There are many things that make the ultrasonic humidifiers unique. A big one is the high frequency sound vibrations to produce a water mist that is extra fine, then in turn expelling it into the room. This helps avoid the heavy-air feeling you get when there is too much moisture. In most ultrasonic versions there is no filter built into the design, making upkeep easy and keeping the costs low. Many consider this type of humidifier safer because there is no boiling water involved, but with that comes bacteria. If you decide to go with a cool mist design, it is very important to make sure it stays clean, or else it will grow bacteria and may make you sick.


Evaporative humidifiers have been around for decades, this version being the first among all designs to become commonly used. The most basic way to humidify a room is just setting a glass of water on your counter and letting it evaporate naturally. Evaporative humidifiers are just built up versions of this. They use a fan of sorts to speed up this process and increase the humidity. As the air begins to humidify, the machine will blow out small puffs of water into the air.

Both types have many different versions that you can find, they come in all shapes, sizes and colors, making it easy to find exactly what will fit you. Some have built in tanks that you can refill, and others allow you to attach a water bottle directly into the bottom. There’s bigger types that you can set on your table and they will work for many hours at a time. Or, if you have multiple rooms that need moisturizing, there are mini humidifiers that can be put all around the house. As long as you make sure that you keep them clean and filled, you will find that having a humidifier or two around the house is always a great option.

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