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Why Did Air Humidifiers Stop Working Properly?

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Just like every electronic device, your humidifier is subject to faults and may not function properly. In this case, what you need before attempting any repair process is proper troubleshooting. In most cases, problems you'd likely face fall between your humidifier not working at all or not humidifying your roof adequately.

Before approaching any repair process, be sure to vet your manufacturer's instructions carefully. With this, you’ll have a clearer picture of the repairs you can do by yourself and those that will void your warranty if you DIY.

What to do when your humidifier is not humidifying properly

Smilon air humidifier is controlled by a humidistat, and so are several others. This is essentially a feature that helps you automatically bring the humidity to your preferred range. If you think your humidifier is not giving you up to what you require, check the humidistat first.

While the humidistat is basically automated in its operations, you might have to dial it down or low considering the current temperature demands. Only then can you maintain optimum indoor humidity. If this basic fix doesn't work, let's explore some other options.


Know your humidifier

Before attempting any fix, you must understand the type of humidifier you own. For instance, the Smillon air humidifier is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. Hence, it has filters that help eliminate impurities while producing invisible, cool, and pure mist. Since it is ultrasonic as well, it emits water droplets via ultrasonic vibrations and makes almost no noise. By knowing the type of humidifier you own, you’ll have a closer picture of what could be the issue.

Fix for limited mist production

If your air humidifier is not making mist, you need to first ensure that there is enough water in it. If there is enough, you can then check if the filter is clogged or requires a change. If you’ve been using mineralized water, chances are this is the issue. So, be sure to clean the base and tank carefully and you’ll most probably have a fully functional humidifier in your hands once again.

Fixes for the terrible smell

If you notice an offensive smell anytime you put it on your humidifier, check if it is a burning smell. If it's not, that’s good news. Also, chances are the smell is coming from your filter. And luckily, it’s an issue you can tackle with a consistent maintenance culture.

Fix for white dust

White dust can sometimes be a headache for most humidifier users. This is generally caused by the mineral residue left in the machine anytime mist is emitted into the atmosphere. This usually emanates from excessive use of hard or mineral water in your appliance. Again, it’s an issue you can easily solve by using distilled water with your unit henceforth.

Annoying noise coming from your humidifier

Smillon air humidifier is ultrasonic, so chances are you’ll never encounter this issue. However, if you’re perhaps using an evaporative humidifier that uses a fan, ensure to check the fan and the drive mechanism and see if they are well lubricated or functioning properly. If they're not, call a professional to fix them for you.

All in all, by now you should understand some of the most common issues you’re likely to face using an air humidifier and their potential fixes. If you believe the unit is beyond repair, reach out to us to inquire about the perfect fit for your next buy.

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